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Days 29-35

Well if you follow along with my other blog, you may have seen my post announcing that we’re moving to Hawaii in April! So things have been hectic around here. . . And I also went back home (2 hours) to visit my family while DH was gone for the week. I am taking advantage that it’s just a drive away right now, rather then an expensive flight! So now we’re playing catch up!

January 29th – Day 29

I had to look under our couch for my point & shoot camera that grew legs & walked away. I have no idea where it went or what happened to it. Anyways, I had pulled out the flash light to look. And Emmersyn ended up having a grand ol’ time with it!


January 30th – Day 30

She was eating left over mac-n-cheese for dinner. Whenever she has something on her hand & doesn’t want it on there any more, if it doesn’t just drop off she waves her whole arm all crazy like until it falls off. In this case, it went flying off and landed on her noggin!


January 31st – Day 31

Packing up to head to my parents for the week!


Woot! I made it a whole month with at least some sort of picture taken every day. Even if it’s just a phone picture. I am proud of myself for making it a whole month!

February 1st – Day 32

Emmersyn is an animal lover. She loves the cats, even if they aren’t a big fan of her, and she love, love, LOVES my parents dogs. Here she is trying to pet Buster. He’s an old man. He may look a little uneasy or scared. . . He isn’t scared of Emmersyn. He’s worried that my parents other dog will see him near Emmersyn & snap at him. She has some major mood swings – My parents are going to have that checked out asap.

February 2nd – Day 33

Playing outside at Grammie & Papas. *knock knock* Is anybody home?

February 3rd – Day 34

Emmersyn & I had a Red Robin date. Yummmy. I love Red Robin – And there is NOT one in Hawaii. So I will be consuming a lot of RR before I leave, as well as when I come for visits! This day it was just Em & I. We also went to Verizon, Target (for the 2nd time this week, can you tell it was pay week?) and Wells Fargo. She does so well running errands with me!


February 4th – Day 35

Today Emmersyn is 11 months old! Just 4 more weeks until her first Birthday – Holy cow!! We spent the day driving home and getting life at home back to normal. And then she got to have a blue bath! I got her some Crayola bath drop ins that change her tub water while I was at Target this week. I think I enjoyed it more then she did. 🙂


Days 26, 27, 28

I am thinking that I’ll just be posting once a week now. Life is about to get SUPER hectic. . . Hopefully soon I’ll be able to share why over at my other blog. So this is going to have to do. . .

January 26th – Day 26

She loves music. . . And toys that make noise. She really enjoyed music class at Gymboree when we would go for our make up classes. She got this little Giraffe “guitar” that comes with two other music things for Christmas from her Nana. She has a handful of toys that make noise when you shake them. . . So she often picks up a toy & shakes it to see if it makes noise! She loves music! Little does she know, mommy & daddy got her a little tikes drum for her Birthday [daddies idea]. She’s going to love it!


January 27th – Day 27

She has been off bottles for about a month now – And it is amazing! We have 4 of these Nuby sippies that she drinks her milk in. . . She gets 4 cups a day. I have my full sink back now as I don’t have to soak bottles every night. . . I just toss these suckers into the dish washer each night, and they’re ready as soon as we get up. No more scrubbing bottles while she eats breakfast! It’s fantastic. . . Due to our big news we have coming, we have decided to start transitioning her off formula now. She’ll be 11 months on the 4th – So I figured it won’t hurt her. I went out and got some milk for her today and she had about a cup and a half throughout the day. At first she seemed unsure. . . That could have been for a few reasons: 1) The taste is obviously different then formula; 2) Her milk was straight from the fridge – So it was cold. I never gave her cold, or warm, formula. Well, at least not regularly. I would occasionally give her cold formula if it was a warm day. But she isn’t use to it being so cold; 3) She may just not have been all that hungry when I first offered it to her. She sucked down a cup right before bed – And slept wonderfully that night! The best she has in days.

January 28th – Day 28

Her beloved Wocket. She loves him. She got him, as well as the book, from her Grammie & Pap for Christmas. She just absolutely adores him.


January 25th – Day 25

I didn’t pick up my camera today. . . A little after noon, our day took a little turn. And spun us around quite a bit. I was overwhelmed and just. . . After that, I didn’t think to pick up the camera. So here is a picture of Emmersyn & I while she was watching The Elephant Song on YouTube. . . She was cranky, daddy was gone, mommy head a headache & was overwhelmed – So YouTube videos to the rescue!

[Please ignore the way I look]

In other news – Emmersyn took about 3 small steps today! She did it 2-3 different times. And I cried like a little baby!!! Haha.

January 24th – Day 24

I attempted to make The Pioneer Womans Good Morning Muffins this morning. They turned out fine. . . But from the one bite I had, I wasn’t such a fan. I am not sure if I did them 100% correct. . . But, I did give Emmersyn one (without the top that has the tummy sugary topping) and she seemed to enjoy it. We’ll see what DH thinks when he gets home & tries one!

January 23rd – Day 23

Daddy & Emmersyn cuddling a bit after Emmersyns nap. ❤ She sat there on his lap for about 10 minutes watching Lost with him, before staying there to drink her milk. I got some cute pictures of them, but I think this one is my favorite. She loves her daddy, and her daddy absolutely loves her!

January 22nd – Day 22

In the process of getting the whole house cleaned tonight, I ended up rearranging, reorganizing and cleaning Emmersyns room. Originally, this is how her bed & the chair were. . . But then we started having an issue with sugar ants due to formula in her bed [my new mom fault]. . . They were coming in through that window. So I thought that maybe if I moved her bed away from it, it’d help. But it didn’t. The formula was the use.  So we cut all milk out of her bed – And have had Z.E.R.O issues since. It’s been about a month. I liked her bed against the wall the chair is on, since her room is directly across from ours, so I can plop her in her crib while I get dressed & she can still see me. However, on the other side of the wall? Our washer & drier. And even with a good sleeper – I was having an issue doing laundry while she was asleep.

So. . . Tonight I fixed that. I organized her closet, I put stuff she isn’t using/wearing away[ish]. I moved her bed back to the wall on the right side of the room, under her name. And the chair back to the right. There are also bins stacked [pretty ones] in the corner by the chair that have her lamp & monitor on it. That black book/DVD shelf thing on the corner? That use to be on the wall between the door & closet. With books on it. I decided to change it up a bit and put the books in her hutch and put some of the pictures from her hutch, in that shelf. In the corner there.

Just that simple change [the book shelf], made the room look like a totally different room! I moved her piggy bank from the top cubby thing, and made that area less cluttered. Her books look nice on the shelf. . . I just love it. I also did some much needed dusting.

We spent a good hour in there. And by we, I mean Emmersyn and I. She hung out in her crib having fun with her stuffed animals which she loves. She’s going to love her new stuffed animal area in her play room when she see’s it tomorrow!

And that rocking giraffe thing under her window? It was a hand-me-down from my little cousin. I think I am going to get a big bow to go on it and ‘give’ it to her for her Birthday. She won’t know the difference. . . Is that tacky?

I love her room. It’s my favorite room in our house. It’s cute, it’s simple, it’s girly but not too girly. It’s welcoming & relaxing. And it’s one of the cleanest places in our house! Hah. I need to spend more time in there with my baby girl!

Day 17 – Day 21 [Jan 17th-21st]

I apologize for my absence. Life got hectic, I went out of town, ect. . . I didn’t forget about this, though!

January 17th – Day 17

As usual, I wish I could get into Photoshop with this picture & play around. I love it! But it has so much noise & grain. Yuck! This was Emmersyn eating her first peanut butter & jelly sandwich. She loved it – But it was oh so messy!!!

January 18th – Day 18

[Phone picture]

Baby was exhausted!! Usually she crawls up to her pillow & goes to sleep, but she just knocked out where she was. [And I did move her feet]

January 19th – Day 19

She loves her Wocket [from There’s a Wocket in my Pocket] that she got for Christmas. She insisted she brought it with us while we ran errands. This was after we got back in the car & I gave him to her. She gave him a big ol’ hug & was so happy!

January 20th – Day 20

Emmersyn & I went to feed the ducks. Or in Emmersyns case, have a snack [the food we brought for the ducks] with the ducks. This is the fountain in the pond they hang out in!

January 21st – Day 21

Emmersyn had chicken nuggets [“healthy” ones] and peas for dinner. She preferred the peas over nuggets. It was the first time she had nuggets and she didn’t seem too crazy about them, but she loved her some peas!