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Day 17 – Day 21 [Jan 17th-21st]

I apologize for my absence. Life got hectic, I went out of town, ect. . . I didn’t forget about this, though!

January 17th – Day 17

As usual, I wish I could get into Photoshop with this picture & play around. I love it! But it has so much noise & grain. Yuck! This was Emmersyn eating her first peanut butter & jelly sandwich. She loved it – But it was oh so messy!!!

January 18th – Day 18

[Phone picture]

Baby was exhausted!! Usually she crawls up to her pillow & goes to sleep, but she just knocked out where she was. [And I did move her feet]

January 19th – Day 19

She loves her Wocket [from There’s a Wocket in my Pocket] that she got for Christmas. She insisted she brought it with us while we ran errands. This was after we got back in the car & I gave him to her. She gave him a big ol’ hug & was so happy!

January 20th – Day 20

Emmersyn & I went to feed the ducks. Or in Emmersyns case, have a snack [the food we brought for the ducks] with the ducks. This is the fountain in the pond they hang out in!

January 21st – Day 21

Emmersyn had chicken nuggets [“healthy” ones] and peas for dinner. She preferred the peas over nuggets. It was the first time she had nuggets and she didn’t seem too crazy about them, but she loved her some peas!


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