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January 22nd – Day 22

In the process of getting the whole house cleaned tonight, I ended up rearranging, reorganizing and cleaning Emmersyns room. Originally, this is how her bed & the chair were. . . But then we started having an issue with sugar ants due to formula in her bed [my new mom fault]. . . They were coming in through that window. So I thought that maybe if I moved her bed away from it, it’d help. But it didn’t. The formula was the use.  So we cut all milk out of her bed – And have had Z.E.R.O issues since. It’s been about a month. I liked her bed against the wall the chair is on, since her room is directly across from ours, so I can plop her in her crib while I get dressed & she can still see me. However, on the other side of the wall? Our washer & drier. And even with a good sleeper – I was having an issue doing laundry while she was asleep.

So. . . Tonight I fixed that. I organized her closet, I put stuff she isn’t using/wearing away[ish]. I moved her bed back to the wall on the right side of the room, under her name. And the chair back to the right. There are also bins stacked [pretty ones] in the corner by the chair that have her lamp & monitor on it. That black book/DVD shelf thing on the corner? That use to be on the wall between the door & closet. With books on it. I decided to change it up a bit and put the books in her hutch and put some of the pictures from her hutch, in that shelf. In the corner there.

Just that simple change [the book shelf], made the room look like a totally different room! I moved her piggy bank from the top cubby thing, and made that area less cluttered. Her books look nice on the shelf. . . I just love it. I also did some much needed dusting.

We spent a good hour in there. And by we, I mean Emmersyn and I. She hung out in her crib having fun with her stuffed animals which she loves. She’s going to love her new stuffed animal area in her play room when she see’s it tomorrow!

And that rocking giraffe thing under her window? It was a hand-me-down from my little cousin. I think I am going to get a big bow to go on it and ‘give’ it to her for her Birthday. She won’t know the difference. . . Is that tacky?

I love her room. It’s my favorite room in our house. It’s cute, it’s simple, it’s girly but not too girly. It’s welcoming & relaxing. And it’s one of the cleanest places in our house! Hah. I need to spend more time in there with my baby girl!


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