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Days 26, 27, 28

I am thinking that I’ll just be posting once a week now. Life is about to get SUPER hectic. . . Hopefully soon I’ll be able to share why over at my other blog. So this is going to have to do. . .

January 26th – Day 26

She loves music. . . And toys that make noise. She really enjoyed music class at Gymboree when we would go for our make up classes. She got this little Giraffe “guitar” that comes with two other music things for Christmas from her Nana. She has a handful of toys that make noise when you shake them. . . So she often picks up a toy & shakes it to see if it makes noise! She loves music! Little does she know, mommy & daddy got her a little tikes drum for her Birthday [daddies idea]. She’s going to love it!


January 27th – Day 27

She has been off bottles for about a month now – And it is amazing! We have 4 of these Nuby sippies that she drinks her milk in. . . She gets 4 cups a day. I have my full sink back now as I don’t have to soak bottles every night. . . I just toss these suckers into the dish washer each night, and they’re ready as soon as we get up. No more scrubbing bottles while she eats breakfast! It’s fantastic. . . Due to our big news we have coming, we have decided to start transitioning her off formula now. She’ll be 11 months on the 4th – So I figured it won’t hurt her. I went out and got some milk for her today and she had about a cup and a half throughout the day. At first she seemed unsure. . . That could have been for a few reasons: 1) The taste is obviously different then formula; 2) Her milk was straight from the fridge – So it was cold. I never gave her cold, or warm, formula. Well, at least not regularly. I would occasionally give her cold formula if it was a warm day. But she isn’t use to it being so cold; 3) She may just not have been all that hungry when I first offered it to her. She sucked down a cup right before bed – And slept wonderfully that night! The best she has in days.

January 28th – Day 28

Her beloved Wocket. She loves him. She got him, as well as the book, from her Grammie & Pap for Christmas. She just absolutely adores him.



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