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January 16th – Day 16

DH was on duty today, so Emmersyn & I went to Sea World after her morning nap. We haven’t gone since my mom & future-SIL came out and went with us on December 4th! [Which, compared to how often we went Oct-Dec, that’s a big deal, hah] We had a nice day. . . And she slept through the whole Shamu show!


January 15th – Day 15

It was a lazy Saturday! DH was gone the whole week and had duty the following day plus he’s fighting off a cold. So we were all in PJ’s all day. I made chicken & dumplings for dinner – Here’s DH & Em grilling the chicken for me. She stood at the back screen banging on it because she saw daddy outside, so he brought her out with him. Too cute!

Januray 14th – Day 14

Another cell phone picture. We had a very busy day, this was just easiest!

Emmersyn & I grocery shopped, paid the bills, she napped, went to the pharmacy and then we picked up daddy who was gone all week! We went straight to the DMV where daddy finally got everything situated and has his class c & motorcycle license. It’s been a long process! At the end of the night, I sat down and started to write out Emmersyns Birthday invitations! Yes, I am ahead of the game. But I’d rather be ahead then behind!

January 13th – Day 13

Another crappy cell phone picture. Another day where I didn’t turn my camera on a single time. But, Emmersyn & I had a nice day. It warmed up and was BEAUTIFUL out. We went to Gymboree, played outside and went to a friends house for dinner and we had a great time playing! It was a busy day and she is worn out!

And yes, we do match as far as tee shirt color & jeans go. But no, it wasn’t planned. It just happened that way. She’s super cute!

January 12th – Day 12

Today is a crappy cell phone picture. I didn’t turn my camera on once today. . . I’ve been over doing it with pictures since I started this project. I figured this’ll do. I actually made dinner for just Emmersyn & I tonight – Chicken strips, noodles & corn. Emmersyn ate it all and LOVED it!! I was surprised with how much she ate. She loved the noodles!

January 11th – Day 11

Emmersyn & I were outside this evening just hanging out and playing in the grass when I spotted this. All by it’s lonesome. In the middle of the grass!

January 10th – Day 10

Emmersyn had a play date today with her BFF Cecilia. They came over & the girls played inside for a bit. . . And then we took them to the park to swing, slide, run around and have a snack. Cecilia is 10.5 months older then Em. Emmersyn was worn out by the time they left!